Ancient Art Tattoo

Tucson's Oldest Tattoo Shop

    Dennis Dwyer started tattoo art after he got out of the military just after the Viet-nam war. It was the early 1970ís when Dennis found his calling to be a tattoo artist. "I felt that art is what I wanted to be in my life". Dennis was introduced to tattoo art by a motorcycle "club" member by the name of Brooklyn Blacky. Dennis was still an angry person after the war and being part of the motorcycle "club" introduced him to the world of tattoo. "This would be great. I could do my artwork and still inflict pain on people". Dennis is a gentle man these days helping people decide if tattoo art is right for them. Dennis actually turns people away if he feels they are not ready for the life-long commitment of tattoo art.

    "People are not just hanging my art on a wall but they are carrying it around with them.. that was an even better fulfillment of an artist. Artists want to be recognized for what we do". Dennis has been instrumental to other tattoo artists to this day. He has helped aspiring artists to achieve their own style while still keeping to the "Historic Art" of tattooing. Dennis told us about his view on what tattoo art really is, "I think there is a responsibility as a tattoo artist, especially a tattoo artist. My job is to serve you and not to be served. I think itís flipped today (with some tattoo artists)". "Tattooing for me is more of a servitude. I have the privilege to sit with people for an hour to an hour and a half, and I enjoy people". When Dennis is with a client, he and the person getting a tattoo are talking to each other, they swap stories with each other. "I impart some of my experiences and hopefully by that, they grow, I grow.. Thatís probably why Iíve made such an impact on so many people".

    Ancient Art Tattoo is located on 2108 S Alvernon Way in Tucson and is the oldest tattoo shop in town .

Story by Hawke Taylore





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